ready, set, LIFT OFF!!

So tomorrow, I am beginning my mad sprint of travel that will last me all the way till the end of July. I will be rising at the UNGODLY hour of 6:15 am to take my Field Botany final (4 hours of testing..yay…NOT) and then hopping on a plane to North Carolina for my cousin’s wedding. During the next week my family and I will be traveling through the Carolinas. Now I know that North and South Carolina are not technically a foreign nation as they are still in the United States, but I am sure that they will be an experience! As my wonderfully silly/nerdy father said, “CHARLESTON! A hot bed of revolutionary sentiment! Just what the history doctor ordered!”

Personally, I am really excited about the potential for eating peaches in the summer time down in the South while wearing a cute dress. And slightly alarmed at the degree of likelihood that I will show up in South America saying “y’all.” 🙂

Plane flights, weddings, dodging my MANY relatives MANY questions about my boyfriend, Southern belles and gentlemen and FINALLY SOUTH AMERICA! Stay tuned folks, things are about to get interesting!


2 responses to “ready, set, LIFT OFF!!

  1. Connie - Dr. Jacka's


    What an experience!!!!! You are very fortunate to have this opportunity.

    You sure do have a way w/ words. I truly enjoyed reading your blog.

    Keep them coming.

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