So major things I have learned thus about the South: they appear to like the color pink a LOT, white houses are big (as are pink ones). Chandeliers are very popular (I can get behind this trend as all the ones they have here remind me of Beauty and the Beast) and just to warn everyone the Civil War is not over (they call it the War or the War for Independence down here). Grits are good (if prepared well) and the BBQ is AMAZING and comes “dry,” that is to say, no sauce. Food is definitely a big thing down here-sample far and wide. I got to have Italian ice (like a snow cone but smoother) for the first time since I lived in New Jersey years ago. I was somewhat amused to see that all the Italian ice stations in town were manned by young, pretty attractive girls. The one we bought ours from had a battered Hello Kitty boombox playing the radio and a tip jar decorated with pom-poms and shiny things titled “College Fund.” Definitely had to laugh.

Highlight of the day: going on a boat tour of the Charleston Harbor and seeing a whole bunch of dolphins! This made me very happy!

I spent the evening painting the view off of the tiny veranda outside the master bedroom at the apartment we rented in the French Quarter-the whole area is gorgeous with old time charm-a beautiful city to just walk around.


One response to “Charleston

  1. what are you doing traveling the world without telling me? without taking me? how very cruel.

    at least it sounds cool, and you’re having fun.

    i will buy you a cookie if you guess who i am. but it will be stale by the time you are back and i will feed it to snowy 😉

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