Busy in Berlin!

Hi everyone!

I’m having a fabulous time so far. Berlin is a fascinating city with a unique mix of ancient and incrediblely modern buildings (mies van der roe anyone?). There are lots of glass square buildings but at the same time domes rise throughout the skyline. We visited the Berlin Wall (of course!) where I was interested to learn that the wall was actually two walls with a no man’s land in the middle that was planted with bombs! We saw a sobering memorial to the millions of Jews killed in the Holocaust in a plaza near the Brandenburg gate.  2,110 gray faceless concrete blocks arranged in rows. They varied in height but the width was all the same. Looking at them you couldn’t help but feel like the memorial was a cemetary and the blocks were either coffins or headstones, unmarked for the nameless many who died.

on a lighter note here are some random but interesting things I’ve learned while in Berlin: the U-Bahn (subway) is incredibly easy to use, the TV tower is one of the tallest things in the city and was built as propaganda for the Nazis-to their annoynace whenever the sun hits the globe on top of the tower at the right time a golden cross forms. People named it St. Waldo! The hot dog venders here sell sausages, not hot dogs and they are better than the hotdogs of New York. Water is ridiculously expensive and German names are really fun to say!

tomorrow I leave for Krakow Poland!


2 responses to “Busy in Berlin!

  1. You blogged! I have to admit to nearly falling of my chair when I saw… but that could be because I just woke up. Glad you’re having fun, love!

  2. Hi Megan. We are loving hearing about your adventures in Europe! Your writing is picturesque and very entertaining! I know that you will continue to enjoy and take great advantage of your experience. Love you. Judy

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