Prague was a beautiful city, far more touristy than Berlin or Krakow, it was none-the-less utterly charming. What was stunning about the city was the HUGE diversity of art styles and architecture to be discovered everywhere you looked! Baroque, Romanesque, Gothic, Neoclassical and my absolutely favorite Art Nouveau! While in Prague we visited the castle where, yes Dad, the defenstration of Prague occurred (the second defenstration-the one that started the 30 years war. Apparently here in Prague they have a thing for tossing people out of windows!). The exact window was not pointed out to me, but I was in the general vicinity. We got to Marie Terese’s palace (attached the old the palace-she wanted a whole new one to accommodate her and her 16 children-one of which was the famous Marie Antoinette!). It was very pink….They do the changing of the guard in Prague, just as they do in England-except they don’t have the huge furry hats!

My highlight of my trip to Prague though was St. Vitus’s Cathedral-right near the Palace. My friend Kristina and I went there and stayed for over an hour inside. My favorite stainglass window was the one by Alphonse Mucha..the first picture.

Here’s picture of me on the Charles Bridge to prove I was there!


One response to “Prague!

  1. Hi Megan! I’m thrilled that your mom forwarded me your blog link so I can follow your adventures. We also loved Prague when we visited two years ago. As you, mainly for the diversity of architecture. Stunning. I believe it is the only major European city that has not suffered structural damage from wars, therefore the vast abundance of standing buildings from 800 to the present. We had lunch in a pub that’s been operating by the same order of Monks since 800 AD. (we had a roasted boars leg- gross but delish!) I hope you got to taste the beer (pilsner urquell)… I normally don’t care for beer, but it was phenominal there– better than in Germany, and much cheaper than bottled water!! I couldn’t get enough-ha! And yes, they do love the defenistration there. 🙂 BTW, did you rub the statue on the Charles bridge? We loved the walled in Jewish quarter, especially the cemetary. Hopefully you got to wander through. How did you like the Astrnomical Clock? Fascinating! You remind me a lot of my son Matt, who is also a fearless voyager! Enjoy your travels and take lots of pictures- Anita

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