A Relaxing Weekend

This past weekend was our first traveling trip since arriving in Florence. We went to Elba, a beautiful Mediterranean isle that was once host to Napoleon before he escaped in an attempt to reconqueor France.  The main question we had after this *very* scholarly trip (full of beaches and swimming and hiking) was why in the WORLD would Napoleon (and really, anyone) want to leave Elba?

To get to Elba we took a 2.5 hour bus ride and then caught a ferry, charmingly named Moby Baby to land in the town of Porto Ferraraio where we caught another bus down winding roads that can make your heart leap like none other-in part because of the stunning oceanic views out the window and in part because everytime you make a turn (and this happens a lot) you nearly hit a car. We ended up in Porto Azzuro, a charming little beach town where we happy swam in the water and schemed to kidnap one of the many extremely gorgeous sailbaots out in the bay.

We went to the Napoleon museum where we got to see furnture that used to belong to him and his winter house but really, Elba stole the limelight away from Napoleon. I spent more time staring at the view off the cliff behind his house than in any of the rooms…let me show you why…


5 responses to “A Relaxing Weekend

  1. Wow Megan! What beautiful pictures! Looks like a fantastic place. I am learning so much from your travels-thank you. Keep up the great work!

  2. Pictures for the win! Looks like it was a lot warmer than we were in Idaho over the weekend… oh well 😛 Miss you much!

  3. Hi Megan! It is so fun keeping up with your travels on your blog, it makes me want to jump on a plane to Italy! Elba was our first weekend trip when I was in Florence as well – I definitely remember those winding roads!! :-\
    Have fun and savor every minute…. and have some gelato for me! 🙂
    xo Tiff

  4. Funny little thing I found when googling Elba to find some info on where you were going last weekend.
    Napoleon’s stay on Elba is the basis for the famous English language palindrome:
    “Able was I ere I saw Elba.” 🙂
    Love, Mom

  5. Hi Megan- I love your writing. So colorfully descriptive yet unpretentious. It feels like you’re talking us. It was especially fun to read your take on places that I’ve never been to- you bring the written word to life! Hey just a quick FYI- talking about Napoleonic furniture, when we were in N. Carolina earlier this month we toured the Biltmore Estate. In their salon they had Napoleon’s chess set sitting on his gaming table from when he was exiled on St. Helena Island. Also in the room was the urn that held his heart. Just a little tid bit I thought you’d enjoy! And yes- I agree with you, looking at your fab pics, I also would prefer the beautiful scenery of Elba over a museum any day!

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