The Beautiful 5 Lands

5 lands, a MILLION stairs. While visiting the Cinque Terre we hiked the famous Blue Trail that links all five villages…it is also a 5 hour hike…(lots of 5’s, have you noticed that?). At one point we went up a staircase to a village that had 382 steps! And this is only the formal *stair* steps, not counting the rock steps and inclines that we went up all throughout the day. The Five Lands are rolling lands and my calves most definitely know it!

The views though definitely made it worthwhile. There is no camera on earth that capture the blues of the Mediterraenean sea!

The last night we went to the Festa della Madonna del Santo Rosario at Bonassola where the villagers set out thousands and thousands of little boats with candles into the dark ocean. It looked like each wave was lined with aquatic fireflies…Over this scene the Italians launched a massive fireworks show. We watched the fireworks stream gold through the sky or explode in spirals or hearts. Somehow they had fireworks that exploded upon impact with the ocean water sending up sprays of color and light. The boom of the gunpowder richocheted off of the bay walls like canonshot and as the show ended we looked around to see everyone, young and old, Italian and America alike still staring upward at the sky.


5 responses to “The Beautiful 5 Lands

  1. Megan:

    Beautiful! I love your pictures. What great timing to be able to attend the festival.



  2. Once again beautiful pictures and a wonderful narrative! I look forward to checking your blog every Sunday evening to see your latest weekend adventure! Thanks for sharing Meg!

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  4. Connie - Dr. Jacka's


    HAPPY 21ST BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I hope you know how lucky you are to be in lost in foreign lands for your 21st.

    My wish for you is to cherish your adventures and keep your memories always close to your heart.

    All my best to you on this special day.

  5. Dear Megan,
    We were thinking of you on your birthday and thought that Tuscany would be the perfect place for you to celebrate turning 21. We know you are getting more from this experience then most, with your love of art and travel and adventure. You are in my thoughts often, and I pray for all your safe travels, this school year.
    Love you,
    Aunt Denise

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