Venice Carnevale!

Sorry for the delay on this entry…I just finished whittling down the 680 or so photos that I took in Venice to a slightly more manageable 480.  What can I say? Venice during Carnevale is a very visual place! …I’ve never seen so many expensive cameras in such a small space in my entire life!


I spent a lot of time in Venice just wandering around a soaking in the atmosphere of beautiful, sunny, celebrating Venice. I spent an entire afternoon wandering around in Piazza San Marco photographing people in their incredible over the top costumes.





San Marco was set up to look like a fake garden  through which performers strode on stilts dressed and giraffes, playing with the crowd. Other people were dressed as topiaries and would leap out at unsuspecting people then pick up their pot and run away.



As the sun began to set, an acrobat attached to giant airballoon rose above the square, tumbling and bobbing through the air.


They had performances each night (one night we saw a drag queen dressed as Elizabeth I strut the stage to the strains of “God Save the Queen”) ranging from musical bands to strange modernist mini-plays using ET like little men in suits (who then ran around hugging people after their performance). We ran skipping and bouncing out to catch the ferry home, like Cinderellas at midnight.


Ciao Venezia, Ciao Ciao!



One response to “Venice Carnevale!

  1. Fabulous pictures, Megan, from what looks like a magical Mardi Gras in in Venice! We are so delighted for you and your great adventures!
    Hugs from Spokane, Judy

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