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So as most of you know, last week Dad came to visit me in Florence, which was a lot of fun! Then on the weekend, we took off to Barcelona for a fun week full of crazy architecture and Spanish food! Really, the food and the architecture were OUT OF THIS WORLD. Hot chocolate con churros is a typical Spanish treat (need I say more?), tapas are also a specialty (we had deepfried squid rings, potatos bravas-spicy potatoes-, sausage and more!) along with seafood.  Dad and I practically *ate* our way across Barcelona!

As for the architecture, Gaudi is my favorite architect. He has such a sense for the fun and absurd but still manages to make everything work in a practical fashion!


Casa Batllo


img_6979img_7028 Sangrada Familia





Roof of Casa Mila

img_7463 Dad and I on top of Casa Pedera/Mila

Barcelona is a city that has a lot of spirit, fun, and full of music even with the rain. I’d love to come back sometime when it is warmer!