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Running through Rome

Our weekend in Rome was beautiful, but freezing. We hit all of the highlights moving at a dead sprint-the Colosseum, the Pantheon, the Roman Forum, the Trevi Fountain, the Spanish Steps and more. While I had seen quite a few of these places, it was neat to see them again and in a different light. I got to go up to the second level of the Colosseum which I had not been up to before-there was a little sculpture display on that level as well.  We went into the Roman Forum, (last time Mom and I just walked by) which was awesome because it really helped me picture how ancient Rome might have looked. SPQR was emblazoned on everything. It is an acronym for a phrase that translates as “the Senate and the People are Rome.”

Worthy of note: San Crispino Gelateria by the Trevi Fountain-the ginger cinnamon gelato with the chocolate was mind blowing. 🙂


What I was really thrilled about was the three hours we got to spend in the Vatican Museum…As most of you know, I love museums so I ran around filled with glee through all of the treasures of the Vatican.

On Sunday I went wandering with myself and ended up sitting in Santa Maria Maggiore during mass, drawing. The priests who were helping in the celebration had amazing voices! And while poking around through the church I nearly walked into the priestly prep room where I saw a deacon pulling out vestments in a room full of smoky incense before I backed out hurriedly.

img_5338This is the Basilica of Santa Maria Angeli -a church with a very interesting facade and a surprisingly modern collection of art in Piazza della Repubblica.

Also of note the Grand Cafe by the Termini Train Station has 32 flavors of hot chocolate. The extra fondente hot chocolate I had was incredible!

img_5300 Our little group on the top of Castle St. Angelus, built by the Emperor Hadrian. It had the most amazing views of Rome!

All in all a great time and I threw a coin into the Trevi Fountain so I know I will return.

hey, it worked last time, didn’t it? 🙂